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3 Tips to Survive when things go to Sh*t

You know those days/weeks when the universe seems to be conspiring against you? Well I had just had one of those weeks and it was shitty!

Murphy’s law – anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Last week my fur baby got sick and I had to make that awful decision to put him at peace, Just as I was reeling from the loss of my beautiful fur baby I find out that my 20 yo son is in the emergency department 700km away after an accident! And then all this on top of trying to expand my business by taking on a new team member and renting out new office space making my cashflow very tight. Aaarrrgghhh I just wanted to curl under my blankie, cry and hide from the world! So I did! Well at least for a few hours…. then I gave myself a little slap, pulled up my big girl pants and told myself I can do this!

You know what, life is hard and at times it sucks. So what do you when things go to shit?

1. Take time out, cry, sleep, take a walk, meditate, catch up with a friend, whatever you need to do for you.

2. Get out your business plan and remind yourself of your goals and visions (your why). Do you need to re-assess or do you just need to make some adjustments. Does your business plan have an action list? If yes then decide which action you need to tick off next. If no, then create your action list!

‘Planning without action is futile, 
action without planning is fatal.’
Cornelius Fichtner

3. Check in with your business mentor. If you don’t have a business mentor look at getting one! Being in business can be lonely, a mentor can provide you with support and keep you on track with your goals and visions.

So after I had my little cry, (actually it was more of a howling snorting bawl!) I pulled out my plan and looked at the actions that I could get a start on to get my mojo back and get me back on track. I added a few and put some of them in motion, including this, my very first blog! (You see I’m great with numbers, not so great with words…) Now I had already connected with my current business mentor Liz Campbell so I knew what I needed to focus on which helped prioritise what actions to attack first. More about Liz and why I chose her as my current mentor in another post!

Did you know we offer a one on one complimentary business review?  This is an ideal opportunity for you to meet with us on a no charge, no obligation basis  for you to set and review your goals and gives you clarity around the actions you need to take to achieve those goals.

Rest in Peace Smokey – Mumma loves you and misses you x
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