How many hats do you wear in business?

This is not a trick question! There are actually 10 departments that you need to be aware of within your business.

And that means often wearing 10 hats. Every business can be broken down into 10 core departments with unique functions – two are strategic and the rest are operational. It’s essential to understand the 10 departments, the function of each, and the key responsibilities of each person in each department.

Understanding these departments in your business is crucial for your productivity and business growth.

“The business is there to serve you; not the other way around.”

All are important and you should be across them, but you can also outsource some of the areas or tasks to free up your time so you can focus on the business, instead of being so in it.

The 10 departments within your business

The first two are strategic roles within the business and, while the rest are operational, you can easily get help by outsourcing various tasks.

Fixing your organisation structure could be the breakthrough you need to free up time to grow your business.

  1. Shareholder: Funds the business.
  2. Director: Sets the direction for the business.
  3. Leadership team: Implements the plan effectively to maximise business efficiency and performance.
  4. Product/service team: Develops new and existing products or services for sale.
  5. Operations/delivery: Delivers products and services to generate cash.
  6. Sales: Converts prospects into clients and customers.
  7. Marketing: Generates leads for sales to convert into clients and customers.
  8. Finance: Manages the business’s cash.
  9. HR: Manages employment-related tasks and issues and engages the team.
  10. Admin/IT: Manages office tasks and systems to maximise efficiency.

Having an organisation chart that clearly identifies the 10 departments and roles and responsibilities of each person increases efficiency and allows you to gain more control over your business.

All businesses are required to perform tasks relating to these departments on a regular basis. Our organisation can help you to establish better business functionality by devising the best structure for your team, helping you to remove some of the ”hats” you are currently wearing, and assessing any resourcing gaps.

We can help you develop your organisation chart with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

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