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Having a positive outlook is your best defence in business

For those of you trying to run your own business successfully, the COVID-19 pandemic is almost definitely a source of concern.

Worrying about the future of your business, money, clients, and grappling with all the constant changes, is making it harder to stay in a positive mindset, and even harder to turn things to your advantage.

It’s never been as important as now to develop a strong frame of mind because, for many of us, we are facing business challenges that we have not encountered before, and there are, no doubt, going to be more challenges to face and overcome in the next 6-12 months.

Adopting and maintaining a positive mindset is important because it will help you build resilience, self-esteem, and encourage you to use your creative thinking skills to help your business.

Learning how to come up with ideas and solutions that will help you navigate your business through the COVID crisis. It will empower you and make you better equipped to handle whatever else comes your way.

But what you think, believe, and expect has a direct influence on your ability to achieve and maintain success in life.

Consciously choosing to see the silver lining in every situation can help you to stress less, focus, and still achieve your goals. Be open to new ideas, practice an abundant mentality, don’t be afraid, keep sight of your long-term vision, and trust in yourself and the services you offer.

How to up your positive mindset game in business in 3 steps

1. Take a few tips from the OARBED behavioural model

It is a simple way to become more aware of behaviours that will help you thrive in business and to be aware of those who serve no purpose for you.

  • OAR’ – Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility

These are the skills you want to practice all the time when dealing with team members, employees, employers, and clients.

It’s vital to demonstrate that you have these skills so that even when unfortunate situations arise, you know how to handle them maturely. Realising the role you play when dealing with other people and incorporating these skills as an integral part of your mindset will foster trust, patience, and understanding with people around you.

And not just in your professional life, but in your personal life, too!

  • BED’ – Blame, Excuse, Deny

On the other hand, if you regularly use these behaviours when you interact with others, you are likely to encounter friction, low morale, and a lack of productivity in your workforce.

It’s not always easy to take responsibility when things aren’t going your way, but showing that you have the mental strength and maturity to own your actions will foster stronger relationships with others and they will feel more supportive and honest.

2. Focus on your big goals and vision for your business

When you focus on the future of your business, it’s easier to maintain your positivity because you are constantly working on something that you love.

You can do this easily by following the ‘The Man on the Moon Principle”. It’s a concept that shows how important it is to have a big goal or vision that unites people.

To achieve this goal, it must be broken down into smaller goals or milestones that work towards getting you and your team closer to the big goal.

Remembering that you have a vision, not ever losing sight of it, and working on what you can do right now is an important motivational mindset to adopt.

3. Choose happy and healthy thoughts

According to the ‘Happiness Pie’, we only have 40% control over the happiness we generate in our lives.

This makes it even more crucial to foster healthy thoughts that improve your mindset. Expressing gratitude, thinking optimistically, helping others, and practising living in the moment can improve your state of mind.

Working on your relationships with others, having a positive attitude, and maintaining a focus on your goals will also guarantee you the best chance of getting through this difficult time with the least amount of stress.

Remember, the best thing you can do right now is to stay focused, remember your dream, and don’t lose sight of it!

Taking the next steps for your business success

Once you have worked on your mindset, and are using these skills to help you in your business, then it’s time to talk to a qualified finance team.

Vibrant Business will help take care of all of your financial needs. From tax and accounting to bookkeeping, coaching and mentoring, we can help you plan and structure your business to achieve your milestones. This means less stress for you!

For more information on these services, please contact us or book in for a complimentary Business Impact Session.

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