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Vibrant Business 2020 wins – The Year that was 2020!

What can I say about 2020? It was up, it was down, it was up, it was down!

Some business owners had an incredible year, their very best yet, while others had to make huge and unexpected changes and sacrifices. Some went out of business altogether.

And it was exhausting any way you went.

At Vibrant Business, we saw and felt it all with our clients and in our community too.

But one thing that got us through it was to be grateful for the opportunities we were being given – whether we thought of them as good or bad (or even dire!).

When I look back on the year, we were busy and overwhelmed a lot of the time; and when I was asked to think about the wins I’d had, initially, nothing came to mind except it had been a disastrous year and the team and I were ready for a break!

But then I thought deeper and I’d forgotten all the wonderful things the team and I had achieved. {It’s been a long 12 months!}

I would encourage you to dig deep too and think back to the start of the year and reflect on all the good you achieved.

You might be surprised, just like I was.

So, cheers to the year that was, may we NEVER go through that again, and if we do, know we are prepared with the lessons 2020 gave us.

I’d love to share the Vibrant Business team wins with you as a reminder to always be positive and focus on what you do have.

Vibrant Business – The Year that was 2020!

Business and team wins

  • Eloise joined the team in January starting two days a week and has now moved to five days a week!
  • Theo hit his two-year mark in December and starts in a new permanent role as an administration trainee in the new year.
  • We introduced our tax and accounting division in July.
  • We doubled our turnover.
  • We have advertised for a new marketing team member to start in the new year.
  • We are developing new service offerings for our clients to help them grow a beautiful and vibrant business.
  • We increased our awesome client base.
  • We developed an online course to help our clients plan for success!
  • We ran free Business Continuity webinars and provided resources during the height of COVID.
  • Learned a lot of new legislation in a very short time frame and got this out to our clients as soon as possible to help them survive through the COVID closures, downturns, and so on.

Community and volunteer work

Among all the turmoil and busyness in the business:

  • Brenda finished another year as president of Bayside Women in Business Inc (BWIB) increasing the membership from 30 to 80 during the year and despite COVID, we still held many successful networking events.
  • She took on the role of Publicity Media Officer for Manly-Lota RSL Sub-Branch assisting the branch to be “seen”.
  • She finished the year off by taking on another role as a Steering Committee Member of the “new” Wynnum Commerce to develop and grow the Wynnum Brand.
  • Plus, Brenda had the pleasure of supporting her local State MP, Joan Pease, and volunteered when she could with her election campaign, which saw her successfully re-elected.

I’d love to hear from you

I’d love to hear your wins, however big or small you think they are – they are an achievement.

Heck, just making it to December relatively unscathed is an achievement in 2020. You can share these privately by reply email or join me over in my Facebook group Planning for Success in Business here.

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