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What are the 7 Sweet Spots in a Vibrant Business?

While Easter may be officially over, the school holidays are winding up and you’ve eaten the last of the Easter egg chocolate, there are some Easter eggs – aka sweet spots – in business you may like to revisit.

All those sweet spots in your business will help you reach the sweet spots in your life. No. I’m not talking about more Easter chocolate (sorry!), I’m talking about more time, money, and freedom.

After all, isn’t that why we are in business?

So what are the sweet spots in business and why should you care about them like you do on a long weekend, a holiday with family, or having chocolate for breakfast (really only acceptable at Easter!)?

There are 7 sweet spots in business to accomplish and stay on top of, and when you do you will be bouncing around like the Easter Bunny!

What are the 7 Sweet Spots in Business?

  1. A Business Plan

The first place you start is your business plan because it provides the way forward. I know you may have just rolled your eyes at the thought of a business plan, but think of it this way – it is your goals and dreams wrapped up into a special present – your future! Most business owners who do not have a business plan have trouble achieving their goals.

So if this feels familiar and you don’t know where to start? Read this blog 5 Business Plan Tips that will Skyrocket your Business’s Growth, then book a one-on-one Business Planning Session or join us for our next webinar.

  1. An Organisational Chart

Next, take a look at your organisational chart. Having an “org chart”, even if you don’t have any employees yet, will help you develop your future business and where you can be spending your time to help achieve your goals and dreams more quickly.

When you’re in business you have to do most of the tasks at first, but it shouldn’t stay that way. Once you know how to do a task and the process is working, it’s time to hand it off to someone else who can do it for you – and they may just do it better. Delegation is the key to long-term success.

Take a look at this blog – You’re Doing Everything in your Business and it’s Killing You –  for more information on developing your org chart. Then, join my next webinar – Stop the Juggle of all of Your Business Hats to learn HOW to let go successfully in your business. If you need personal attention, we offer a one-on-one Organisational Review Session, where we look at your business.

  1. A Marketing Plan

OK, the fun “sweet spot” – your marketing plan. Marketing is how we tell people about who we are and how we can help them – and a marketing plan is integral to achieving your goals and dreams in business.

If you are feeling stuck and your marketing (including social media and content marketing) is overwhelming you, we offer a Marketing Planning Session where we can work together on your marketing plan so you feel calm and ready for success.

We also offer Social Media Packages, where we can take the hassle of creating your monthly content off your hands completely – so you can get on with running and growing your business, instead of getting bogged down in the tiny details. We are happy to do this for you!

  1. Tax Compliance

Now I know you definitely just rolled your eyes at this one – but complying with your tax obligations will feel so freeing and good for you. It’s stressful when the tax department calls you constantly or you know you have a debt to get down or you haven’t saved your quarterly tax amounts.

The best thing you can do is read this blog, so you understand the tax basics, and then get in touch with us to complete your tax returns and tax planning and bookkeeping, and BAS services

  1. Cashflow Forecast

Cashflow – the biggest issue 99 per cent of business owners have. Every business owner I speak with will mention that they want more cash in their business. Even the most successful business owners can have cash flow problems and often wonder, if they are so successful why don’t they have money in the bank? It comes down to Cashflow Forecast Preparation & Management. If you need help with yours, please get in touch today so you can start having more cash in your business.

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  1. Management Reports – Knowing Your Numbers

If there is one sweet spot in business that can turn sour – it’s not knowing your numbers. When you know your numbers, everything is sweet, but your business can spiral out of control when you don’t know your numbers.

There are a number of ways you can remedy this area of your business, from having an accounting program that is easy to use and makes understanding your numbers simple, such as Xero (we can help with setting it up for you and show you the ropes), to getting financial awareness coaching, to even having someone to look after this area for you. For this, we offer Virtual CFO Services.

  1. A Business Mentor

Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher.Oprah Winfrey.

Do what the queen herself says! Business support is critical at every stage –  whether you are just starting in business or you’ve been established in the marketplace for many years. Support and a positive attitude are everything in business!

It’s for this reason that we offer Quarterly or Monthly Coaching/Mentoring packages. No one should have to do the business journey alone or just fumbling their way through it. If you need help, simply get in touch with us. (need to update this page on the website)

Do you need help with these sweet spots?

If you are a business owner and you’re struggling in one or more of these sweet spot areas – it’s time to take back control and get some help.

Get in touch if you want your business to be more sustainable, scalable, and saleable.

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