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Managing Performance: How to Be A Better Leader For Your Team

Fact: Managing performance can be difficult. However, when you look after your team, they will be happier and more productive and you’ll be a better leader. That’s a massive benefit for you, but there’s an even bigger bonus.

When your team is more vibrant, you’ll feel more positive and vibrant too! There’s no way you can’t be because their vibrancy will rub off on you.

When you feel more positive about your business and your team, you’ll be a better leader and you’ll manage your team more effectively.

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The Performance Matrix

Have you heard of the Performance Matrix? There are 4 main ways of managing performance in your team. The Performance Matrix is made up of four sections including:

  1. Attitude
  2. Knowledge
  3. Skill
  4. Support

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Attitude: Where the individual takes responsibility for themselves.

To help people take more responsibility for their work, it’s important to provide them with the skills and resources they need to do their job. Once they have the skills and resources, it’s important to create an environment that makes it easy for them to adapt, change and grow, which in turn will also help them take responsibility for themselves.

  • Knowledge: Helping team members grow through knowledge involves facilitating training, mentoring and coaching.

There are many specific benefits that mentoring and coaching can offer your team members, including increased productivity and confidence, more self-awareness within your team and to help them understand how your business works. You can also teach your team new skills and it will help you heighten your own management skills.

  • Skill: It is up to each team member to actually obtain the skills, but as their leader, you can help them by making sure they know your goals as a business, clarifying their roles, and showing what’s needed of them within your business.

Share in their wins and make sure you set a good example by maintaining a positive mindset and efficient use of your time. Help them do the same. And be sure to teach and train them in the skills you require as a business. Do exercises individually and together as a team.

  • Support: While your team will be supported when they have the systems to help them do their jobs, they also need support from you and the other team members.

Make sure your systems and processes are up to date and documented. Allow team members to problem solve and work through issues themselves and together, and then take their opinions and suggestions on board and implement them.

How to grow your business

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