How to Build A Business Support Group Around You

When you start your business it’s exciting, new and fun, you’re busy being a business owner, getting clients, creating social posts, and going to networking events to get your name out there.

Even as an established business you are busy trying new strategies to grow and scale your business and team.

However, it can get lonely at any stage of business if you don’t have a business support group around you.

People to bounce ideas off.

People to work with.

People to share in the wins.

People to help you through the highs and lows.

Your gang. Your business support group.

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Hot tip: Creating a community of business people with different skill sets around you is one of the keys to business success whether you are a solopreneur starting out, a micro business with a few contractors, or an established business with a huge team.

You need a business support group to grow.

Where to find your gang (your business support group)

There are many ways to find your business support group – you might even meet them in the line at the grocery store. But to have quick success, try these places.

   •         Social media

Social media is a great way to find like-minded people for accountability and support.

You can look in Facebook and LinkedIn business groups and start conversations with people in those groups, or join in post threads and share your knowledge. Or you can reach out to individuals via their profile pages.

If you’d like to hang out with other like-minded people in business why not join our Planning For Success Facebook group here.

   •         Networking events and business groups

Probably the easiest way to meet like-minded people face-to-face or online is at a networking event. You can find these events with a simple Google search for your local area or you can join a dedicated networking group such as Bayside Women in Business, BNI or Business Chicks. There are many (many) groups you can join – some free and some paid – where you can find your gang.

Hot tip: Remember business support groups are built on relationships, so start there and create meaningful relationships with like-minded people. Your gang will naturally start to form around you as you do this.

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   •         Your work colleagues

Bring your team together and start to form a business support group for them too.

Here’s an idea: If you are stuck in lockdown, or even if you’re not, you can organise Friday night drinks with your team to let your hair down each week and celebrate your wins. At Vibrant Business, we have an end-of-week catch-up where we are not allowed to talk about work!

Who needs to be in your gang?

There are some essential people who need to be in your business support group, including:

   •         Bookkeeper and tax accountant: In the beginning, you may do the books yourself, however, savvy business owners, who want to work on their big goals and dreams, quickly outsource these tasks.

Having a qualified bookkeeper on hand will help keep track of your day-to-day earnings and expenses, and prepare your BAS if you qualify for GST.

Your accountant can help your business grow by minimising tax and using strategies you necessarily wouldn’t.

   •         Coach or mentor: Having someone dedicated to you to bounce ideas, give you direction and keep you accountable will help you stay on track to expand your business. Coaches and mentors are there to be your cheerleader, celebrate the wins, guide you through to the next level and help you develop ideas.

   •         Social media manager and VA: Outsourcing your social media tasks will be the single best thing you do to get back your precious time and spend it in other areas of growth, or even with your loved ones.

Having a social media manager means you don’t do any guess work because it’s their job to do the research, know what and where to post, and strategise for leads and sales.

3 ways to work with us

Let Vibrant Business join your team to help you grow and expand to the next level. We are dedicated to helping make your business more vibrant and can help you in three main ways. Link to contact page

   •         Coaching and mentoring: Work with us in a coaching, mentoring and strategy capacity to look at your values and align all areas of your business so it works to its full advantage. If it’s time to stay accountable for growth and expansion, please get in touch now.

   •         Social media: Social media is essential to business visibility and growth, however, it can be time-consuming and stressful. Let our team of strategists and social media managers take this task off your hands so you can focus on improving your business. Get more information here.

   •         Bookkeeping, tax services and business strategy: Business strategy is key when it comes to your bookkeeping and taxation requirements. Our team of dedicated specialists understand this and work with you personally for all your business bookkeeping and tax needs. To learn how we can help minimise your tax, please get in touch here.

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