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How to have more freedom in your business and life

Guess what? It’s time for you to start living your freedoms because freedom is oxygen for the soul.

The last two years have been a struggle for many people (to say the least), so now is the ideal time to start creating a business and life with more freedom… three more freedoms, in fact.

There are three areas of freedom you can start working towards right now: Time Freedom, Mind Freedom and Financial Freedom.

Hands up who wants more of these freedoms? Then read on!

Time freedom

“Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not.” – Octavia Butler

Time freedom is about spending your time however you see fit. It might be more time with family and friends, time to travel, and time for yourself. It could even be time to watch Netflix!

Time freedom equals no guilt, so you can spend it doing whatever you like! Remember the happier you are, the more focused and productive you’ll be.

If you need some hints, try these:

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Walk in nature
  • Get some sun
  • Socialise with your friends
  • Pat a dog
  • Give someone a hug
  • Get some more sleep
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Laugh
  • Exercise
  • Listen to music

Mind freedom

Mind freedom is all about working on your mindset and not letting anything hold you back, especially your mind.

So what are you doing every day to work on a positive mindset? Here are 5 apps you can check out to help.

  1. Happify – overcome negative thoughts and life’s challenges.
  2. Balance – meditate to improve sleep and reduce stress.
  3. Ten Percent Happier – meditations, stories and inspiration.
  4. TED – learn from world-class thinkers.
  5. edX – expand your knowledge.

Or you can simply jump on to YouTube and type in “motivational videos” and go from there!

Financial freedom

How does making more money and spending it on what makes you happy sound to you? Well, that’s what financial freedom is and here’s how to achieve it.

Step 1: Review your personal budget and identify areas to trim.
Step 2: Determine how much you really need from your business.
Step 3: Refine your processes to ensure you get paid faster.
Step 4: Review and minimise expenses.
Step 5: Make it through the year with less financial stress.

Then revel in the joy achieved by spending money on things that make you happy. Just know the point at which more of that thing doesn’t make you any happier… For example, do 5 pairs of new shoes make you happier than 2? Hmmm?!

Need help making changes in your business for 2022?

Business success is having freedom – time, mind, and money – but getting to that point also takes time and money.

Making changes in business isn’t always easy, and chances are you’ve already made many changes in the last two years.

If you need a place to start in 2022, get in touch. The team at Vibrant Business can help you with your business strategy, bookkeeping, accounting and business coaching for success. Contact us here

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