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4 Decisions Driving your Business Growth

In business, there’s always something getting in the way of your business growth and success regardless of how long you’ve been in business.

  1. Difficulty growing your business.
  2. Hitting a plateau.
  3. Struggling to stay on top of everything.

At any stage of your business journey there are four decisions you need to make to break through to the next level of business growth – whatever that means for you.

To grow, you first need to be relationship focused, then results focused – starting with a focus on results without the relationships can mean failure in the long run. So too can starting and ending with just a relationships focus. The two are complementary to each other in business.

In this blog, we discuss how to attract the right people, differentiate your business, be more efficient and increase your cash flow.

There are Four areas for Business Growth:

There are four keys to business growth and success, according to the author of Scaling Up, Vern Harnish: People, strategy, execution and cash.

Making decisions based on these four areas will allow your business to scale up sustainably, and avoid leaving significant profit, revenue and time on the table.

Business growth: Relationships Focused:

1. People – You must attract the right people and create a culture that delights your team and makes them happy. Happiness and culture are big-time areas for employees looking to work with you, and it’s the same for clients wanting to work with you.

Question: How can you drive a happier culture in your business to attract the right people to you?

2. Strategy – Truly differentiate your strategy and focus on your vision and what you see for your business in the future. The two keywords here are focus and vision; everything you do should stem from these.

Question: What are you doing differently that you can talk more about?

Business growth: Results Focused:

3. Execution – Be proficient and efficient when it comes to executing your strategy. You have put a lot of time and effort into creating it so drive your strategy forward every chance you get.

Question: Do you have systems and processes to execute your business growth strategies? Is it happening automatically and have you delegated it to your team?

4. Cash – When your strategies are being executed regularly and consistently, cash flow becomes a lot easier to obtain. Afterall, cash flow is the oxygen for all businesses and increases all costs.

Question: How’s your cash flow? What can you do to increase it?

4 Decisions driving business growth

Ready to drive your business growth strategies forward?

“More companies starve from indigestion than starvation.”

- Vern Harnish, author

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