Xero Setup & Training

We can get you set up on Xero hassle free and show you how to get the best out of your software!




Whether you have just started your business, moving from a cashbook/spreadsheet system or converting from another accounting software program we can get you set up and running your business on Xero seamlessly. And once you move to the Xero platform you will wonder why you didn’t make the move sooner!



Get the best out of your Xero accounting system by learning from our experienced Certified Xero Advisors.

We offer customised one-on-one training or group training. Xero training is offered both online Australia wide or onsite anywhere in Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast.

When you get your numbers right and you understand your accounting reports, you can make better business decisions.



Xero integrates with 100’s of software add-on’s to create efficiency in your business!

One of our favorites is Receipt Bank (now called DEXT).

Are you drowning in paperwork?

Are you are sitting in your office surrounded by paper and then spending hours manually entering it into your accounting software? Perhaps you are getting more of your bills/invoices online these days? How long is it taking you to download them and save them somewhere. Are bills getting lost in your inbox?

I’m sure you have better things to do with your time then to shuffle paperwork from one pile on your desk into another or continually try and track down those emails with bills attached and then pay late fees when they are missed!

What if I tell you that you could save hours of manual data entry each week and not have to keep one paper document in your office again? Woohoo!!! Well that’s my answer anyway. 🙂 Systems and technology is the answer! Instead of spending hours in the office drowning under paperwork we need to embrace change and take advantage of new technology available.

How do we do it? Our clients love the software application ‘Receipt Bank’.
How does it work? The software application automatically extracts data from your supplier bills/receipts saving you from manually entering the data.

Other features:

  • It integrates with Xero and other accounting software packages
  • It attaches a copy of the bill/receipt to your transaction
  • It can auto match to bank transactions in Xero
  • It has a fetch functionality where it can automatically fetch bills from your accounts when available (ie telstra, electricity etc)
  • It allows you to snap a copy of the receipt on the run with your phone


  • No chasing staff for invoices and receipts
  • No losing bills in your inbox
  • Saving hours of time of manual data entry
  • Accounts payable is always up to date showing real time data

OUR COST: $30 per month including setup and training